2015 Saleen S302 Black Label Mustang

2015 Saleen S302 Black Label 1 2015 Saleen S302 Black Label Mustang

2015 Saleen S302 Black Label 5 2015 Saleen S302 Black Label Mustang

2015 Saleen S302 Black Label Interior 1 2015 Saleen S302 Black Label Mustang

An event held on 20th March in Downtown Los Angeles saw the dashing 2015 S302 Black Label Mustang by Saleen. It is available for order and can be had for a price starting from $ 73,214. The utmost attractive and performance packed vehicle can be ordered at select dealerships of Ford nationwide, through Saleen’s website and also their Vehicle Sales Division. The company claims that this latest launch is one of the pony cars to have the most efficient aerodynamic profile. The car comes with a suspension that is equally suitable for the track and the street.

Under the hood is present a V8 5.0-liter engine accompanied by a twin-screw 2.8-liter supercharger. More modifications are the optimized ECU and the high-flow fuel injectors. With such excellent technology, the engine is mighty enough to churn out a massive 730 bhp and 812 Nm of power and torque respectively.

The refreshed front fascia boasts a new grille. The car makers have incorporated new ram air hood and front splitter too. The appealing rear diffuser and the side skirts are new as well. S302 Black Label Mustang runs on 20-inch alloys. Other prominent features are high-performance breaks and a rear spoiler. The interior has been largely borrowed from the predecessor. But the manufacturers have used Alcantara and leather sports seats for the cabin. The door sill plates are illuminated and the instrument cluster has been restyled. The floor mats are adorned with embroidery.

To make every customer feel special, the company would be giving a unique design to each car. Every car would get a singular serialization as well as bumper number. The 2015 S302 Black Label is going to be a limited production. On the occasion, Steve Saleen proudly said that they are the only company that can provide customers with a vehicle that boasts so much style, power, exclusivity and performance.


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