2015 Suzuki iK-2 :Concept Car deatils

2015 Suzuki iK 2 Concept 1 2015 Suzuki iK 2 :Concept Car deatils

2015 Suzuki iK 2 Concept 3 2015 Suzuki iK 2 :Concept Car deatils

Suzuki Motor Corporation presents iK-2 at the Geneva Motor Show. This compact hatchback is a concept car. The company will make the production model available in the starting of 2016 in Europe.

iK-2 is based on a concept called Harmonised Force. The car is armed with the highly efficient BOOSTERJET engine. This newly developed 1.0-liter turbo engine features direct-injection. Suzuki has increased the fuel efficiency by reducing the engine displacement. The turbocharger has improved the power and torque. Besides enhancing the performance, the weight too has been brought down.

The total length of the car amounts to 4,023 mm. It is 1,920 mm wide and 1,450 mm high. The wheelbase measures 2,520 mm. It runs on 225/45R18 tyres. The most distinctive feature in the exterior is the Liquid Flow design. Rather than simple straight lines, the body of the car features flowing lines. The character lines star from the front of the car and flow towards the rear. Chrome accents have been generously used on the headlamps as well as the front grille. The chrome appears to merge into the character line on the side part of the body, which further makes the car more appealing. The front fascia makes the car look more aggressive, thanks to the unique LED headlamps and the wider grille.

The cabin is sporty and elegant. The glass area is sleek and is mounted on the wide and low body. The new-generation platform by Suzuki is aimed at enhancing the rigidity in an efficient manner. At the same time, it manages to keep the kilos at bay. This has been made possible by redesigning the underbody structure. Moreover, the overall design of the vehicle too has been optimized. This has given rise to numerous advantages. The safety, NVH performance, efficiency, stability and handling- all have improved.


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