2015 Suzuki iM-4 Concept details

2015 Suzuki iM 4 Concept 1 2015 Suzuki iM 4 Concept details

2015 Suzuki iM 4 Concept 3 2015 Suzuki iM 4 Concept details

Suzuki has taken the wraps off the iM-4 Concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It is based on the new-generation platform by Suzuki. This platform focuses on enhancing the rigidity and simultaneously keeping down the weight of the car. The engineers have revised the structure of the underbody. Also, the vehicle design has been optimized. This includes mounting of new parts on the underbody. As a result, the fuel efficiency, stability and handling have improved. Another new feature on this model is Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) that is a hybrid system newly developed by the company. It has integrated starter generator or ISG that uses the motor to deliver engine power assistance. It helps in the efficient generation of power. The SHVS system makes use of lithium-ion batteries. The four-wheel drive car runs on DUALJET 1.2-liter engine.

It has length and width of 3,693 mm and 1,709 mm respectively. Its height is 1,566 mm and the wheelbase is 2,438 mm. The exterior features tyres of size 215/45R18. The wheels feature the five-trapezoid pattern. The large tyres give the car a muscular look. The slits present on the C-pillars remind of the minicars of the olden days, like the first model of Cervo and also the Fronte Coupé. The body is plain and has straight lines that are architectonic.

A rectangular pattern is featured on the lower grilles in both front & rear, in the handles & mirrors of the doors, in rear combinations lamps and also on the headlamps. The A-pillar and B-pillar have been blacked-out. Other features that enhance the beauty of the car are the garnishes on the front fender and the mouldings present on the side body. The exterior features an elegant Innocent White for the body paint. The color gives the car a pure, modern and attractive look.


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