2015 Tata Hexa Concept

2015 Tata Hexa Concept 1 2015 Tata Hexa Concept

2015 Tata Hexa Concept 4 2015 Tata Hexa Concept

2015 Tata Hexa Concept 5 2015 Tata Hexa Concept

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show saw an appealing concept by Tata Motors. The car makers presented a concept SUV that impressed the SUV lovers with its sporty and muscular looks. Known as Tata Hexa, the car is a great choice for active lifestyle. It is an easy to drive car and is sophisticated and elegant as well. This particular model has added a new dimension to the world of TATA SUVs.

The exterior depicts flowing lines that make the car stand out amongst its contenders. The bonnet has been beautifully sculpted to give the car a modern appearance, just the right for a contemporary touring-grade Sports Utility Vehicle. Tata Hexa runs on 19-inch wheels that further accentuate the dynamic looks of the vehicle. The sweeping roofline adds to the beauty of the car.

The luxury continues on the inside. The cabin too has been designed to impress customers just like the exterior does. It is spacious enough to accommodate six passengers. The car makers assure top-notch quality by the use of fine leather for the upholstery. The leather seats are adorned with twin-needle stitching. Soft touch materials have been employed and the seats are flexible. LED technology ensures a great Ambient mood lighting. The safety of occupants is guaranteed by Electronic Stability Control, six airbags and projector beam automatic headlamps. Yet more features are a cool infotainment system, automatic climate control, thorough sound-proofing and rain sensing wipers. The cabin of Hexa is the longest one in its class. The car is 4764 mm long. Its width is 1895 mm and the height amounts to 1780 mm. The wheelbase measures 2850 mm.

The SUV runs on VARICOR 400 2.2-liter diesel engine. The peak power output is 115 kW, whereas the maximum torque generated is 400 Nm. The engine is accompanied by either of the two- 6 speed automatic or 6 speed manual transmission.


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