2015 Volkswagen Amarok Ambulance

2015 Volkswagen Amarok Ambulance 1 2015 Volkswagen Amarok Ambulance

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has introduced Amarok ambulance. The vehicle has been created for East Midlands Ambulance Service situated in United Kingdom. The Volkswagen Group Emergency Services has engineered this new model.

The ambulance is equipped with the all-wheel drive system called 4MOTION. The snorkel is meant to help the vehicle easily drive through water as deep as 19.6 inches or 500 mm. It comes with emergency medical equipment for the patients.

Often, injured patients who need immediate medical help end up being stranded. EMAS – East Midlands Ambulance Service covers an area of 6,425 square miles. It serves about 4.8 million people and therefore they face a tougher challenge. The ambulance has to drive through the most remote areas of England and also through rough roads.

Therefore, the company has created an ambulance based on the highly efficient Amarok pick-up that won numerous awards. Chris Black is the Head of Fleet at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles of UK. He said that the company is delighted that EMAS partnered with Volkswagen for this project. The emergency services at the automobile company have worked with EMAS to come up with the unique vehicle. The ambulance is already getting good response and they hope to see more of such models in the near future.


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