2016 Ford Ranger Truck Features and details

2016 Ford Ranger 1 2016 Ford Ranger Truck Features and details

2016 Ford Ranger Interior 2 2016 Ford Ranger Truck Features and details

Tough, efficient, smart and robust- is all that Ford Ranger 2016 is. The truck has been updated inside out and comes with advanced technology just right for the customers.

The truck is one of the most efficient vehicles in its class. It can wade through 800 mm deep water and has a ground clearance of 230 mm. The approach angle is 28 degrees, while the departure angle is 25 degrees. This makes the truck powerful enough to ride on steep obstacles and also handle harsh terrains. The robust transfer case is electronically controlled. For extra downhill braking or low-speed torque, the drivers can use low-range 4×4 gearing. The pick-up boasts a towing capability of 3,500 kg.

Ranger maintains its robustness, but at the same time has very refined features too. The outgoing ranger is already famous for handling and ride. Now for the new model, the suspension has been fine tuned so that drivers can enjoy better handling and improved comfort. The system electric power-assisted steering that is EPAS is yet another feature incorporated for the comfort of drivers. It offers precise steering and that too with a natural feel.

The EPAS makes the steering feel light as well as manageable at the time of low-speed maneuvering, for example during parking. The steering feels precise during higher speeds. The assistance changes as necessary, depending upon speed, acceleration/deceleration, cornering forces and steering wheel angle. The car makers have done away with the power steering pump that is used in the traditional power-steering system. EPAS has therefore successfully cut down on noise. The fuel efficiency has been simultaneously improved by 3%. The new Ranger also comes with more effective sound-deadening materials as well as better insulation.

The Ford Ranger makes the drivers enjoy better control over the vehicle- thanks to the advanced technology that the truck is loaded with. SYNC 2 is the latest generation in-car connectivity by Ford. The driver can very easily operate the climate controls, navigation and entertainment system by using simple voice commands. An 8-inch touchscreen is available at driver’s disposal and features color-coded corners to facilitate easy and quick menu navigation. To add to the convenience, the vehicle has power socket of 240 V, which can power up a laptop.

Ranger comes with a long list of driver assist features. Lane Keeping Aid works with Lane Keeping Alert to avoid the driver from drifting out of the lane while the car is running at high speed. Lane Keeping Alert will warn the driver with vibration in steering wheel, in case the forward-facing camera finds that the vehicle is straying away from its own lane. Then if the driver still takes no action, the Lane Keeping Aid will apply steering torque so that the truck is guided back into its lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control uses radar sensors so that the car maintains a preset distance and preset speed from the vehicle that is ahead of Ranger. When a vehicle is detected, automatic deceleration will occur so that a safe distance is maintained. Then it will accelerate back to the driver’s preset speed after the road ahead is clear. The speed limiter is adjustable and therefore enables the driver form exceeding the speed unintentionally.

Forward Alert and Adaptive Cruise Control work together to give an audio and visual warning to the drives when the gap from the vehicle in front decreases below a safe limit. The system is capable of charging brakes too. Front & Rear Park Assist make use of sensors for detecting obstacles and therefore give the driver audible warning if the vehicle is at low speed and approaches obstructions at that time- for example while parking. The rear-view camera offers a clear view of whatever is behind the vehicle, so as to assist drivers while hitching up the trailer and while parking as well.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System saves on the fuel when the tire pressure is very low. The car makers offer Electronic Stability Program accompanied by rollover mitigation as well as trailer sway control. Together, these systems enable the vehicle to be kept under control in harsh conditions. Driver Impairment Monitor makes use of forward-facing camera together with on-board sensors for detecting whether the driver is drowsy. In case it detects signs like drifting off the course, then the system warns by loud signals.

In selected markets, Emergency Assistance makes use of Bluetooth-paired phone for calling local emergency services if a serious collision occurs. The system will give useful information regarding the accident to the emergency services. It communicates the vehicle’s location and then opens the line so that the driver can directly speak with the responders. With Hill Launch Assist, drivers can be tension free when they drive on the slope in forward/reverse. Another feature is Hill Descent Control that makes use of traction control system so that the driver can come down steep slopes at constant speed.

The Ranger is armed with excellent choices for the engine that is paired with a six-speed transmission – either manual or automatic. Duratorq 3.2-liter TDCi five-cylinder diesel unit is meant for top figures of power and torque for the purpose of heavy-duty towing. It churns out power and torque of 147 kW and 470 Nm respectively. Then Duratorq 2.2-liter TDCi four-cylinder diesel unit gives 118 kW power and a torque of 385 Nm. Another one is Duratec 2.5-liter petrol engine with 122 kW and 225 Nm of power and torque respectively.


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