Henrik Fisker Presents Thunderbolt Concept

Thunderbolt concept by Henrik Fisker 1 Henrik Fisker Presents Thunderbolt Concept

Thunderbolt concept by Henrik Fisker 4 Henrik Fisker Presents Thunderbolt Concept

Henrik Fisker, the founder of Fisker Automotive, has taken the wraps off a brand new model – Thunderbolt. True to its name, this concept is very dynamic and totally eye grabbing. The car draws inspiration from Aston Martin’s Vanquish, but the creator has incorporated a couple of changes- only to make the more even more appealing. The car runs on 21-inch alloys and sits 15 mm lower. The wheels are accompanied by performance tires. The most prominent change is visible in the body, as Thunderbolt has a revised carbon fiber body. The grille has been enlarged and the roofline is more sloping. It ends with an attractive raked windscreen in the rear. LED taillights too have been restyled. They are protruding and have a blade-like appearance. The power dome is now larger and the air intakes are triangular

Inside, Henrik Fisker has fitted several features sure to attract swarms of customers. The cabin has a 11.6-inch high-resolution Curved Control Screen by Panasonic. It has been added to cut down the reflections and glares. This feature is the result of research partnership of Henrik Fisker with Panasonic. Other than its outstanding resolution, another merit is that its height can be adjusted in accordance with the comfort of the driver. The dashboard has Skeleteon chronograph incorporated into it. This special chronograph has been made with the collaboration of Henrik Fisker with Maurice Lacroix- the Swiss watchmaker. Natuzzi, the Italian furniture maker, has blessed the car with fine leather surfaces. Another feature is the wine / champagne bottle holder. This feature is a unique one in a two-seater coupe sports car.

The car makers have made it clear that Thunderbolt is not associated with Aston Martin in any way. It has been developed as design study and there wouldn’t be any commercialization. But limited number of cars may be manufactured depending upon the initial response.


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