2015 Honda S660 Concept : Details

2015 Honda S660 Concept 1 2015 Honda S660 Concept : Details

2015 Honda S660 Concept 3 2015 Honda S660 Concept : Details

2015 Honda S660 Concept 5 2015 Honda S660 Concept : Details

On 2nd April 2015, Japanese customers can grab a thrilling sports car by Honda Motor Co. Ltd. The Honda S660 would hit the roads very soon in Japan and S660 Concept Edition would be sold as well. The latter is a production-limited model that has been created to celebrate the launch of S660. Just 660 units would be available in Japan.

With the launch of S660, the world will get its first mini-vehicle to have 6-speed manual transmission. The cross ratio setting and wide range of this transmission makes use the engine power in the best way possible. The car can be had with Continuously Variable Transmission as well, that is accompanied by 7-speed paddle shifter featuring sports mode. With this facility, drivers can shift the car into sports mode to enjoy an amazing driving experience with a better response to the accelerator operations.

The car is based on in-line DOHC Turbo 3-cylinder engine. The impressive performance of this unit was very well proved by N Series. The car makers have designed a new turbo charger to make it suitable for this micro-sized sports model. Honda has achieved a distinctive soundtrack by applying its original techniques of sound tuning to the exhaust and breathing sounds of the engine, to the blow-off valve’s sound, to the turbo charger’s operating sound etc. The soft-top, that the company calls roll-top, is detachable, lightweight and can be easily operated.

The body of S660 has curved smooth lines and straight lines which enable a remarkable collision safety performance. Honda has set internal standard of its own, with careful study of regulations and laws in North America. Reinforcement members have been utilized for the center and front pillars so that occupants get better protection performance in the event of rollover accident. The drivers get the system i-SRS airbag, while the front passenger gets i-SRS airbag. The latter is i-side airbag system that absorbs any impact that results from lateral collision. It is offered as a standard feature on S660. i-SRS airbag has pressure holding airbag- the first such system to be ever created. It serves the purpose of holding internal pressure and can hold it for a longer time when compared with a conventional airbag. Coming to the features that avert accident, the sportscar comes with Hill Start Assist and Vehicle Stability Assist. With City-Brake Active System, drivers get automatic braking for speeds below 30 km/hr for preventing crash with the vehicle ahead.

The exterior is blessed with the concept ‘energetic bullet’. The distinctive looks of the car are ensured with a wide and low sitting body. S660 runs on tires that have been designed to solidly hold to the surface of the ground in all the four corners. The looks of the exterior are very well matched to the energetic performance that the vehicle boasts. The interior too is well suited to the performance-oriented vehicle as it gives the divers utmost comfort while they enjoy the amazing drive.

The production-limited S660 CONCEPT had made its debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The car has Bordeaux roll-top is red and the side mirrors are available in dual-tone. The exhaust pile finisher has special coating. The body coating – Ultra Glass Coating NEO is water-repellent. The door glass too has coating that is water-repellent.

The model has an exclusive red stitching that adorns the sports seats wrapped in leather. The driver’s seat is made to look even more special with the unsymmetric colors. The steering wheel is covered in genuine leather. MT shift knob is wrapped in genuine leather and red has been used for shift pattern engraving. The center display is compatible with POCKET internavi link up.


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