2015 Honda Step WGN unveiled , price and details

2015 Honda Step WGN 1 2015 Honda Step WGN unveiled , price and details

The popular car brand Honda has finally released its latest model, Step WGN for 2015 in Japan. It is a van that has been completely redesigned and has a front that is much sportier. It has a very distinguishable grille with very conventional and useful headlights at its side. The body panels are completely sculpted and have a very elegant look to it. It also has a Waku Waku gate that is very unique. It can be opened upwards and sideways depending upon the requirement. The cabin is inspired from some North European designs and boasts of a cluster of digital instruments. It has very glossy black accents to it and a wooden trim that is faux.

The steering wheel is three spoked and has a third row seat that can be split folded at sixty to forty. The car is powered by a 1.5 liter VTEC turbo engine and it gives around 150 PS with 203 Nm torque. Thus it gives very flexible and smooth driving experiences and there is no cause to be anything less than satisfied with the car. The engine is always linked to a transmission that is continuously variable. It can also be associated with an all wheel driving system. However, this is quite optional. The car will be on sale from April and will be priced at around two lakh. It has an eight percent tax consumption rate. It offers very sleek, elegant and distinguished services with comfortable options at an affordable price. It will ultimately prove to be a very good investment for the buyer and will leave up to its price tag in all respects. The price has been specifically designed keeping all the features in mind and the budget of the average buyer as well. It would offer splendid options for the finicky driver in every buyer.


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