2015 Kia Novo Concept

2015 Kia Novo Concept 1 2015 Kia Novo Concept

2015 Kia Novo Concept 4 2015 Kia Novo Concept

2015 Seoul Motor Show saw the unveiling of Kia Novo Concept. The car is just the right for the urban crowd having stressful life and tight schedules. It has been designed at the company’s Namyang design centre located in Korea.

The front overhangs have been kept to the minimal, while the rear overhangs are longer. The roofline is fastback and the glass area sports long and slim looks. The car’s smoothness in design and its geometry are near perfect. The exterior is made even more appealing with the presence of sharp lines. As for the front fascia, hallmark of Kia – the tiger-nose grille is present. But this time, the grille has been embedded even deeper and is wider too. What further grabs attention is the laser headlamps that flaunt a sleek look. The air intakes too are wider and they feature more laser headlamps. The front wheel arches are larger, while the car’s rare has triangular exhausts that emphasize the sportiness of this model. The rear is surrounded by crisp lines that guarantee a great aerodynamic efficiency.

The bodywork bears sharp creases that give Kia Novo Concept a very modern look when it is seen from the side. Strong lines appear on skirts, aluminium wing vents and the doors. The doors have pop-out handles and the beautifully-sculpted door mirrors add to the smart looks. The car’s alloy wheels are diamond-cut and make Novo stand out in the crowd with the fine lines. These lines on the wheels are made of dual-tone silver and carbon finish and straight edges. Another dual-tone combo is visible as the car sports green and silver finish too. Inside, the dashboard is long, wide and is adorned in aluminium and leather. In the instrument binnacle can be seen information through 3D hologram. Yet another cool feature is fingerprint scanner for functions like music selection, volume of audio and information to be displayed.


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