2015 Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept

2015 Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept 1 2015 Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept

2015 Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept 3 2015 Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept

Quoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept has been revealed by Quoros at Shanghai Motor Show. The sub-compact crossover uses V-shape for the front fascia. The headlights look very smartly designed as they are vertical. The distinctive looks continue in the rest of the car too. The wheel arches are extended.

The finishes and colors used on the car reflect Chinese tradition. Misty Cyan has bene used for body paint. It light shade of green/blue that takes inspiration from Ru Kiln porcelain that was used at the time of Song Dynasty and is still quite famous. The red used for accents is Cinnabar Red. The material Cinnabar is used to extract deep red ink that is utilized in Chinese art. The wheelbase of the car is long, while the over hangs are short and the track is wide. All these proportions give a rugged and planted road appearance to the car.

The taillights are protruding and feature LED technology. The upright tailgate is accompanied by integrated spoiler. 2 SUV PHEV Concept comes with panoramic glass roof and has dual exhaust system as well. The charging probe is aircraft-inspired. It rises automatically when a button is pushed. The charging probe has been designed so that people can drive into receiver socket that is mounted in a car park or in a garage. The style is similar to that of F-16 refuels midair.

Quoros has not taken the wraps off the interior. The company has stated that the cabin is equipped with digital instrument cluster, pop-up gear selector and the upper instrument panel is floating. Other than an infotainment system, the cabin is installed with multi-zone climate control. The car runs on plug-in hybrid powertrain. This comprises of turbocharged small displacement petrol engine. The engine is accompanied by very high density batteries and two electric motors. The petrol engine sends power to the front wheels and the electric motor drives the rear wheels.


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