2015 Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept Details

2015 Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept 2 2015 Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept Details

2015 Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept 5 2015 Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept Details

C Coupe GTE would be making its debut in Shanghai. With a length of about 5 meters, the sports saloon gets usual design for the headlights. But what makes the car distinctive is ambient lighting featured on the exterior for the very first time. The dynamic and elegant lighting display pleases the eyes whenever the users unlock the car – by keyless entry or remote control.

Sharp and horizontal lines adorn the car’s body. The edges are precise and the design is overall charismatic. The most prominent feature in the front is the radiator grille that has five chrome bars. The middle and top bars partially frame LED dual headlights. The lower part of the bumper features a second air inlet that is large. On each side of this inlet is present LED daytime running lights that are C-shaped. Below the LED lights, the car makers have incorporated a chrome strip that is present along the car’s width. This chrome element in the rear and the side profile too.

The radiator grille flaunts VW emblem and is illuminated. Also illuminated are bezels of LED dual headlights and crossbar of the top radiator grille. A narrow and elegant light element stretches below the car’s A-pillar. The retractable and narrow door handles are also illuminated with ambient lighting. So this is the first time that the door handles are truly visible. After flowing around the car, this ambient lighting then reaches the rear. The rear too is very elegantly illuminated – thanks to the narrow strip used for LED rear lights.

The car runs on direct injection four-cylinder TSI turbocharged petrol engine that is accompanied by 8-speed automatic gearbox, lithium-ion battery and electric motor. The output of the TSI is 210 PS, whereas that of the electric motor is 124 PS. The battery has energy content equal to 14.1 kWh. So in total, the hybrid system develops a power of 245 PS and the torque comes out to be 500 Nm. The battery is chargeable while driving and externally too. C Coupe GTE can cover a distance of 50 km on pure electric power and that too with nil local emissions. The E-Mode can be activated with the press of a button. It is the pure electric mode and gives propulsive power. At the time of electric driving, the TSI gets decoupled from drivetrain of the car. When the petrol engine has to be used again, it would be coupled smoothly to drivetrain within a moment.

The dash panel comes in Blizzard Grey. Damascus steel trim is present beneath the air vents. Wood trim can be seen on the door panels and creates a very natural ambience inside the cabin. Clock with analogue appearance is present in the center of instruments. The smart clock is multifunctional and the details on assistance systems and vehicle status can be seen on this clock. Another useful feature is the air purification system. The dash panel features a high-gloss black element. Digital instrument cluster and infotainment system have been integrated into this element. The infotainment system features 12.3-inch high-definition touchscreen. It is a black and large panel display and is interface for climate control.Active Info Display is the brand new instrument cluster that has high-definition and 3D effect. It consists of 12.3-inch screen which has been designed such that edged of virtual space get blended into the instrument cluster’s real border. This creates a very pleasing visual effect since the black border of the panel is not visible. Instead free-form surface can be seen and the lighting effects make it even more attractive. The center console has two touchscreens present between rear seats. These are used for climate control and adjusting the position of seat.


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