2016 BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer Features and specs

2016 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer 1 2016 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Features and specs

2016 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer 3 2016 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Features and specs

2016 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Interior 1 2016 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Features and specs

BMW has introduced 2-Series Gran Tourer that is the first premium compact car that offers as much as seven seats. This new model’s dimensions are – 4,566 mm long, 1,608 mm tall and the width is 1,800 mm. Even though the dimensions are compact, the interior is very spacious and the luggage compartment too offers ample space. The capacity of 645 liters can be increased to a gigantic 805 liters. More load space, 1,905 liters, is created when the backrests of the rear seats are folded down.

The split backrest of 40:20:40 can be folded down by just pressing a button. This allows the excellent feature of fitting in three child seats. Even more versatility can be seen in the third row, as these can be lowered completely into loading floor. Another feature optimizes the practicality of the vehicle – storage facilities provided for all the three seat rows. Rails are present on the backrest of the front seat and fold-out tables have been attached as well.

Right in the front, sits the smart looking twin kidney grille. It is accompanied by the brand log and round headlights. The front end of the car seems flat and sporty. Adding to the unmatched appeal is the bonnet that has been sculpted to look muscular. Other than the round headlights, more distinctive aspects are the lines which emphasize the car’s width. The enlarged air intakes are located towards the front’s edges.

Customers are offered bi-LED lights as an optional feature. These have been provided for functions of dipped as well as main beam. When compared with xenon light, these lights are brighter and come with LED daytime running light. Moreover, their energy consumption is half as compared with xenon light. The cornering lights feature LED for the purpose of adaptive light distribution. This enhances lateral illumination useful in urban traffic, when the turn speed is till 40 km/hr. LED daytime running lights and side lights present in the main headlamp’s light tubes area are eye-catching.

220i Gran Tourer is equipped with petrol 4-cylinder unit. The engine consumes 6.4-6.2 liters of fuel per 100 km. The fuel efficiency is thus 44.1-45.6 mpg. As for the CO2 emissions, they amount to 149-144 gram per km. The power output is 192 hp at 5,000 rpm and the maximum torque is obtained in the range 1,250 to 4,600 rpm. In just 7.7 seconds, the car can sprint from 0 to a 100 km/hr. It is potent enough to hit the top speed of 223 km/hr.

The 218i Gran Tourer’s petrol engine is a 3-cylinder unit that consumes 5.5-5.1 liter/100 km. The fuel economy for this one is 51.4-55.4 mpg. The combines CO2 emissions are 127-119 gram/km. Dynamic performance is ensured by the efficient technology TwinPower Turbo. The engine runs in a very smooth manner, thanks to the balancer shaft as well as the combo of centrifugal pendulum absorber and dual-mass flywheel. The 3-cylinder 1.5-liter engine generates 136 hp at 4,400 rpm. The maximum torque of 220 Nm is obtained at 1,250 rpm. Using overboost function, the torque can be enhanced to as much as 230 Nm for small intervals of time. The engine is accompanied by 6-speed manual gearbox. 218i Gran Tourer can attain the top speed of 205 km/hr and can sprint from a standstill to 100 km/hr in a matter of 9.5 seconds.The model to get top of the line engine is 220d xDrive Gran Tourer. The four-cylinder 2.0-litre diesel engine has a fuel consumption of 5.1-4.9 liter per 100 km. The fuel economy is 55.4-57.6 mpg and the combined CO2 emissions are 133-128 gram per km. Peak outputs of 190 hp and 400 Nm are obtained at 4,000 rpm and 1,750 rpm respectively.


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