2016 McLaren 540C Coupe Details

2016 McLaren 540C Coupe 1 2016 McLaren 540C Coupe Details

2016 McLaren 540C Coupe 4 2016 McLaren 540C Coupe Details

McLaren has launched 540C Coupé with the starting price of £126,000. The stunning model was exhibited at 2015 Shanghai Motor Show. It is available globally, in over 30 nations. It is being offered on pre-order and the deliveries would begin in the start of 2016.

The aerodynamic package of the car has been subtly revised. Also featured is a dedicated design for the wheel. Distinctive looking aero blades are present underneath the car’s front bumper. They serve the function of channeling clean and cold air through the lower part of bodywork then upward on the bonnet. The beautifully sculpted bonnet is accompanied by prominent looking LED headlamps. The rear has a diffuser between twin exhausts that make an exit underneath the car’s rear bumper.

The styling of McLaren 540C Coupé is aerodynamically-led, as can be seen from the complicated design of dihedral doors. The fine looks of the doors are enhanced with a floating door tendon. With this brilliant design, the air is channeled along the door’s length. The air then enters inside the integrated air intakes which are mounted on rear quarter panel. Hence this has created a clean path along which the air flows along the car’ bodywork. At the same time, this has kept the drag at bay.

The car comes with MonoCell II chassis crafted from carbon fibre. The chassis has received a new design so as to make it suitable for everyday use. It offers better entry into and exit from the 540C’s cabin. The occupant protection and safety is class-leading. A remarkable dry weight of 1,311 kg has been achieved with by employing aluminium for body panels and use of lightweight structure. The cabin welcomes the owner with seats, lower doors and dashboard covered in fine leather. The center console has a floating style and it features IRIS 7-inch touchscreen.


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