2016 Nissan 370Z : Features and details

2016 Nissan 370Z 2016 Nissan 370Z : Features and details

Nissan announced the price of 2016 370Z as $29,990 for the market of United States. The 2016 370Z Coupe is presently on sale and comes with Deep Blue Pearl for the exterior. The car makers have equipped the interior with the new audio system Bose. It has two cool technologies Active Sound Enhancement and Active Noise Cancellation. The starting cost for Roadster is $41,820. The body paint Deep Blue Pearl is offered for this one too, but Bose is not available on Roadster.

The powertrain is same for both these models. They come with DOHC V6 3.7-liter engine that churns out a power of 332 bhp and torque of 270 lb-ft. The transmissions offered are six-speed manual and seven-speed automatic. The engine comes with the feature Variable Valve Event and Lift Control.

The Coupe is available with the option of SynchroRev Match® and Downshift Rev Matching. The alternative is 7-speed automatic transmission accompanied by paddle shifters. As for the Roadster, one choice is Downshift Rev Matching along with standard paddle shifters. The other option that customers have is SynchroRev Match® with the close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission. The four-wheel independent suspension ensures responsive handling.

Nissan had brought about quite a many updates in 370Z Nismo last year. So the number of changes is limited this time. The cabin has audio system Bose with Active Sound Enhancement and Active Noise Cancellation. The starting price is $41,990. Under the hood is present V6 3.7-liter engine that gives 350 bhp, while torque output is 276 lb-ft.

Another feature present in Nismo is 4-wheel independent suspension. The strut tower brace guarantees improved body rigidity. Nissan has incorporated performance dampers too for reducing the road-input vibrations. Other purposes are to enhance the feel of performance and ensure better handling as well. Sport Brakes are standard. Another standard feature is Viscous Limited-Slip Differential whose final drive ratio is shorter for improved acceleration.


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