2016 Opel Adam Rocks S : Details

2016 Opel Adam Rocks S 2 2016 Opel Adam Rocks S : Details

2016 Opel Adam Rocks S 4 2016 Opel Adam Rocks S : Details

2016 Opel Adam Rocks S Interior 2016 Opel Adam Rocks S : Details

Opel has unveiled the brand new Adam Rocks S. The car is out before of was supposed to make its premiere next week at International Amsterdam Motorshow. It comes with the same engine – ECOTEC turbocharged 1.4-liter gasoline. The power generated by this unit is 150 HP, while the torque figure is 220 Nm. The car takes just 8.5 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/hr. The stop speed that Adam Rocks S can attain is 210 km/hr. A 6-speed short-ratio manual gearbox is used to deliver power to the car’s wheels. From 80 km/hr, this model can pick up speed and reach 120 km/hr in a matter of 7.9 seconds in the fifth gear. The car consumes 5.9 liters for every 100 km it covers. This gives fuel economy figures of US- 39.8 mpg and UK- 47.8 mpg. The CO2 emissions are 139 g/km.

Coming to the architecture of the car, it sits lower by 15 mm as compared to regular model of Adam Rocks. It is armed with an improved braking system. Moreover, the ESP can be turned off. The canvas roof that is electrically-operable is present as standard feature on the car. The roof can be had in any of the five available shades offered to the customers. The car is made even more appealing with a cool range of colors for body paint.

Parking is made hassle free with the optional feature of Advanced Park Assist. When the speed is less than 30 km/hr, the system will identify suitable parking spot and the car would be parked automatically. The parking feature is accompanied by Side Blind Spot Alert. This technology uses ultrasonic sensors for making the driver cautious of any upcoming collisions when the lane is switched. Another instance of top-notch technology is Opel’s infotainment system IntelliLink, that lets occupants enjoy smartphones – Apple iOS and Android.


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