2016 Subaru Exiga Crossover 7 : Features and details

2016 Subaru Exiga Crossover 7 1 2016 Subaru Exiga Crossover 7 : Features and details

2016 Subaru Exiga Crossover 7 3 2016 Subaru Exiga Crossover 7 : Features and details

Exiga Crossover 7 has been unveiled by Subaru in Japan. The sales shall commence from next month and the starting price is ¥ 2,550,000. The production model has a pronounced grille, LED daytime running lights and body cladding made of plastic. It runs on 17-inch alloy wheels and has roof rails as well. The wheels have cutting luster along with black paint. Cladding has been used on the wheels arches too, that makes the wheels look all the more appealing. Hence the overall look of the interior is very dynamic and exudes strength. The spoiler is tailgate-mounted. Customers who want their car to look more appealing can improve the texture with plating parts. More options for decoration are LED accessories for the car.

The cabin has seats covered in fine leather. The interior is adorned in metallic accents and piano black trim. Heating is available on the front seats as a standard feature. The ambience is made lively with blue green combination for the stitching. Elegance increases as the car makers have offered an excellent combo – leather seat plus Ultra suede. Both driver as well as front passenger gets 8-way power seats.

The car’s suspension is newly developed. The steering stability is excellent and the ride is supple. Among the safety features, SRS side air bag is present as standard feature on Subaru Exiga Crossover 7. It runs on four-cylinder 2.5-liter engine that is generates 173 PS power, while the torque output is 235 Nm. This unit is accompanied by continuously variable transmission. The car comes with an all-wheel drive system that is symmetrical. The availability of a dedicated suspension ensures that load clearing of 170 mm is sufficient for an urban SUV. CROSSOVER 7 is the commercialized model of 43rd-based CROSSOVER 7 CONCEPT. This concept was showcased at Tokyo Motor Show in November 2013.


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