2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6 : Features and details

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6 2 2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6 : Features and details

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6 Interior 2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6 : Features and details

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has presented the sixth generation of Transporter. The technical features have been updated, comfort enhanced and efficiency has been improved too. With Dynamic Cruise Control, three driving modes are possible – normal, sport and comfort. In all the three cases, the shock absorbers that are electrically adjustable and adapt to the mode through a preselected programme. Hence Dynamic Cruise Control makes the handling even better.

The seating layout is variable and can offer anything – from a normal sized boot to a gigantic cargo space. The tail gate can be opened and closed more easily now. Other than just manual operation, automatic closing is also available. The electrical operation of the tail gate enables opening of the tail hate via the handle. It can then be closed with a pushbutton or by the pull of a loop. Or the button located on the driver’s door can also be used.

Safety is at its best as a Bluetooth hands-free has been fitted on all the devices. Volkswagen has brought about significant change in 6.33-inch screen. For the first time, the display uses proximity sensors. When the touchscreen detects the front passenger’s or driver’s hand nearby, then the system will switch automatically from display mode to the input mode. Another function that the display features lets users make wiping motion for scrolling through the phone’s lists and even browse through files like music files. One of the features available is the mobile phone interface – Comfort. With this, the users get an inductive link to mobile phone antenna of the vehicle. It also gives ergonomic storage compartment and auxiliary USB port as well. The navigation systems on the car are Discover Media Plus and Discover Media. These systems come with Inform services and Car-Net’s Guide.

Transporter T6 2016 runs on 1,968 cc TDI engine. The power outputs are 84 PS, 102 PS, 150 PS and 204 PS. As for the petrol units, the car comes with 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Two kinds of engines are offered – one with output 150 PS and the other one is rated 204 PS. These new units save one liter fuel when compared with the engines of previous generation. All the Euro-5 as well as Euro-6 engine are equipped with stop/start that is present as standard. So overall, the fuel consumption has come down by about 15%.

The monitoring system Front Assist is standard for Multivan Business. It is an optional feature for Multivan, Caravelle and Transporter. This system identifies critical distances in front of the vehicle. If the situation is dangerous, then the driver will be warned audibly, visually and also with jolt of brake. The adaptive cruise control provides a sensor that measures the how far is the vehicle to the front. It measures the relative speed as well.

The combination of ACC and DSG can slow down the vehicle. This comes into use in case of traffic jam or queues situation. According to the situation, ACC automatically restarts after a predefined period has passed. An essential component of the ACC and Front Assist is the function City Emergency Braking. It provides assistance when the speed is low that is 30 km/hr. Therefore, the safety is enhanced especially when the traffic is dense.

In case some obstacle passes unnoticed by the driver, then the system will apply brakes automatically. It makes sure that collision-speed comes down. The risk is minimized by Automatic Post-Collision Braking System. This feature has been provided as a standard on Transporter. With Light Switch, customers have at their disposal main beam on/off that is camera-controlled. Driver Alert System comes with a display that is multi-functional. It detects abnormal driving and then suggests a break to the driver.


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