2015 Ford Mustang Convertible EU-Version

2015 Ford Mustang Convertible EU Version 1 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible EU Version

2015 Ford Mustang Convertible EU Version Interior 2 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible EU Version

The all new model of the Ford Mustang has been released in Europe for customers to order. This car is powered by a 314 PS 3.2 liter engine that is eco boost as well. There is also an option for a 418 PS 5.0 liter V8 engine. The car is available in convertible or fast back model. It has a six speed manual with an option for an automatic transmission. The new Mustang boasts of nineteen inch wheels, HD headlights that are automatic, brake package for performance, tail lights that are LED and a diffuser at the rear end. There is some extra technological equipment that includes a climate control with a dual zone feature, a sound system with nine speakers, a SYNC 2 for voice control that can be connected with an eight inch touch screen. There are also seats with climate control feature, nineteen inch wheels made up of alloy and with a finish of luster nickel.

The car comes with a choice of a number of exterior colors such as orange, yellow and so on. There are ten color options in total. Thus, the buyer will be able to customize the car to his or her own liking. This car is exclusively available at all Ford stores across Europe only. The stores are currently situated mostly in the metropolitan regions but they are extending their flagship stores to many other locations in the region. Now for the very first time this Mustang has been placed on the worldwide market. It will be available to around hundred markets throughout the world. The very first shipments for continents such as Asia are being worked on. The shipments to Europe are rumored to be reaching around the middle of 2015. The Ford Mustang has increased its sales and market.

The vehicle comes in a design of very clean sheet. It links the car to the previous models and their idiosyncratic styles. It retains the essential element of the vehicle and evokes the very first key design. The fans of the Mustang model will be able to easily identify with the sculpted, long hood and rear deck of the classic Mustang model. There are some very crucial features to the Mustang. It has a very low roof with a wide stance. The steep and sloping windshield and the rear glass gives the Mustang a very sleek and elegant look to it. It boasts of tri-bar lamps that are three dimensional as well. The trapezoidal grille and the front fascia are signature for the Mustang model. It is executed in a completely contemporary manner. In fact, with so many new features and updated technology, the look, feel and the driving experience of the Ford Mustang has completely changed beyond recognition. It provides a very safe and comfortable experience.

The cabin and the interior are much more roomy than usual. The screen in front of the driver has information on the vehicle displayed on it. The cockpit is inspired by aviation technology and experience. There are certain ergonomic, tactile switches and knobs for better control. The car also comes with a huge width and improved suspension technology. This helps the passengers with more room for their shoulders and feet. Also, good control and suspension measures help in a very comfortable and enjoyable journey, however long it is. The rear part also has an independent suspension. The entire geometry including every spring, bushing and so on have been intricately redesigned and modified to fit the application of the car and deliver only high performance results. It is ideal for driving at very high speed.


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