2015 Volkswagen Beetle GRC

2015 Volkswagen Beetle GRC 1 2015 Volkswagen Beetle GRC

2015 has seen a lot of new models from the giants of car business and technology and Volkswagen is one of the most important names in that list. The latest of the lot, the beetle GRC model of Volkswagen is all set to announce it in the global Rallycross championship of 2015 and make itself a competitor.

The engine comes with a turbocharger and 2.0 litre capacity. It commands a 553 HP power and can generate up to 465 lb-ft of torque. The transmission boasts of a six-speed sequential one. It also features all-wheel drive system with fixed-ratio. The limited slip differentials come both in the front and rear. With an amazing acceleration from 0-60 mph in 2 seconds, it is sure to blaze the roads and tracks in the future. The whole engine, in short, has been a revelation compared to the old models.

Any Volkswagen fan would fall in love with it immediately. The previous model of beetle has been a learning experience for Volkswagen and it has developed the latest model according to the feedback and developmental demands of its buyers. With its fantastic racers, beetle is all set to rule the car market and become a fan favourite in no time.


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