2016 Audi TT in USA , Features and Price

2016 Audi TT 1 2016 Audi TT in USA , Features and Price

2016 Audi TT Interior 2016 Audi TT in USA , Features and Price

The all new model for the Audi has been released in the USA at a price of approximately forty three thousand US dollars. Whether the services and the features of the car meet the standards expected of such a price is yet to be seen. The car is available either as a coupe or as a roadster. The model also has a LED tail and headlights along with an eighteen inch wheel made up of alloy. Depending on the requirement and the kind of driving needed, the model may be selected.

The interiors have also been redesigned and modeled to guarantee the maximum level of comfort. The steering wheel is flat bottomed and made of leather or Alcantara upholstery. It has around power sports twelve way seats. The rearview mirror has an auto dimming feature. There is a climate control option that is automatic. It also has a 12.3 inch cluster of digital instruments. There are certain options that may be installed for the most comprehensive driving experience. It includes Nappa upholstery made up of leather, a bang and olufsen audio system with twelve speakers for the best sound and so on. The additional technology package includes such things as a rearview camera, GPS navigation system and a side assists system. This makes the driving experience as easy as possible and reduces the effort to a bare minimum.

The buyer may also choose the design for the car. Options include interiors of grey with brown trimmings and so on. The power for the vehicle is provided by a 2 liter TFSI engine with four cylinders. It develops around 258 lb ft and 220 bhp of torque. Hence, it has sufficient power to operate in most ways possible. The car is also connected to an S tronic transmission with six speeds and an all wheel drive system of Quattro. It allows the coupe to be accelerated really fast, from 0 to around 60 mph in less than just 5.3 seconds. Thus, it becomes very difficult to feel any such acceleration as the car speeds up on the highway. It gives a very comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The coupe model also has a number of extra features to it. It has a much sportier look that has been very delicately redesigned and styled. It also has S sport seats with good side bolsters. The wheels are of nineteen inches and made up of alloy. The engine has also been upgraded to employ a 2 liter TFSI that produces 292 bhp of torque. It also has a better acceleration option. It increases from 0 to 60 mph in around less than 4.6 seconds only. It also has a black metallic exterior body along with red calipers and forged wheels of about nineteen inches. These make the driving experience easier and effortless. It also provides for comfortable and enjoyable riding.

The entertainment features for the special addition have also been upgraded to the best only. The Nappa leather is available in red with piano black inlays. It gives a very elegant look to the entire interior space of the car. It comes with the similar audio system and technology package. There are a number of safety features that can do wonders, especially when out for long drives. The look, feel and experience of the coupe have now been completely redefined with this particular model. What it delivers for this price can be considered quite affordable considering the options in the market so far. It would be a good investment to make. For a great price the buyer gets personalized and designed interior and a sleek and sophisticated exterior. It comes with updated technology that ensures safety and comfort and the most recent audio systems that ensure entertainment during very long journeys. The shipment has been made in the US for now and worldwide shipment is being awaited. While the coupe will have a price of around forty three thousand US dollars on an average, the roadster will begin at forty six thousand dollars.

The TTS will begin at a base price of around fifty two thousand US dollars only. The prices are based on the different technologies that are available and the buyer may make a choice based on the kind of requirement he or she has from a car. There are a few advanced technologies that have also been added. The screen in front of the driver is supposed to display information on the vehicle constantly. Other such services will help the driver including good controls and a proper GPS system. The car portrays sheer dynamism and essential power in a very sporty look and feel. It is till now unparalleled in its multimedia experience, design, technical data, efficiency, equipment and so on.

The best the buyer can buy him or she is available at the best possible price. To check out the finer details a test drive may be booked with the nearest retailer. A test drive can open up a number of key points for the buyer and make the entire thing very clear. One will be able to understand whether they require this or not. Hence, the easiest possible way to decide on the car will be through the test drive. Driving the car will especially give an idea on the efficiency of the model. It includes the power of the engine, the torque and acceleration produced and so on.


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