2016 BMW 3-Series Features and photos

2016 BMW 3 Series 1 2016 BMW 3 Series Features and photos

2016 BMW 3 Series 2 2016 BMW 3 Series Features and photos

The sports sedan of modern days has been defined and redefined by the BMW-3 series and has been has been regarded as one of the icons in the world of sedans for four decades now. Even after passing six model generations, BMW is going to create a new aura for sedans once again with their usual efficiency and excellent design. It puts huge emphasis on the practical problems of everyday driving yet makes it a special and privileged experience for the driver. Among all the models available, the BMW-3 series sedans or touring cover a whopping 25%, establishing this series as car lover’s favourite BMW in recent times. Now, to ride on its glory, the new arrival of the fabled BMW-3 series is going to set standards for technology and engine advancements. The engine especially comes with a large variety of power, ranging from 85 kW to 240 kW.

Hence, the fuel consumption also varies with the engine rating. With a six-speed manual gearbox and eight-speed steptronic transmission, it combines classical design with state-of-the-art technologies. The new model gives a better feeling of width. The optical active cruise control (ACC) means a perfect integration on the central air intake. The design of the rear part of apron has a sculptural feel about it while the rear LED lights add up to the idea of width and establishes a sporty feel. Both daytime driving lights and new installation of headlights makes it an appealing car to all.

The interior is crafted with finest materials and chrome highlights add to a new look of the controls, control panel and the air vents. The centre console comes with a fine design improvement as cupholders now have a sliding cover. Hence, storage surfaces are better used and elevate the ergonomics of this famous series to a whole new level. The engine comes in varieties of three, four and six cylinders for petrol engines and diesel engines have a four-cylinder model. The three-cylinder is a much needed addition to the series. The newly designed four-cylinder ones can also handle a turbocharger, which makes them available for a sharper response. The speed control function and transmission has a greater control on downshifts. Hence, the car runs smoothly no matter what.

The dampers, the fine-tuned steering and taut suspension provides a complete control on the road and ensures improvement on the riding experience. The driver is at the centre of attention when it comes to linking with the world. With amazing assistance system and a number of useful web-based services, it combines safety and comfort in a whole new package. The display allows the driver to see all relevant information in one single glance and helps to maintain utmost concentration while driving. The navigation system offers another level of dynamics as it offers the shortest and best route with 3D graphics in the maze of city centres. These maps are continuously updated for three years for free. It is also one of its kinds as it has incorporated the latest mobile data technology standard LTE.

Also, the BMW xDrive system that allows intelligent all-wheel driving is continued in this model. The LED headlights add to the individual nature of the car as it takes the shape of eyebrows of the car. There is also as option to order full LED headlights which will provide sharper light and they are situated on the furthest ends to cover the maximum portion of the road by light. The new selective beam system with anti-dazzle features will light the road with blinding other vehicles with its intensity. The new model from the fan favourite BMW-3 series is here again to rule the car market across the world.


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