2016 BMW Motorrad Concept 101

BMW Motorrad Concept 101 1 2016 BMW Motorrad Concept 101

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este will see BMW Motorrad unveil the brand new 101 concept. The model is a divine combination of elegance, luxury and power that is hardly available in other two wheelers. The 101 concept oozes style as carbon fibre and wood trim combines to form a drop-shaped silhouette as the design of the car. With brushed accents of aluminium, all-LED taillights and a pitch black seat made of genuine leather, the two-wheeler is ready to storm the roads.

Also, for the high performance, an exhaust system with dual facility is added to enhance to sporty feel. Also, there are two side-cases curved out of wood trim and matches perfectly to each other. While the information on design is mostly well known because BMW has decided to reveal that, same doesn’t for engine. But, as much as they have hinted, confirmation on the bike’s engine capacity is available. It will have a 1649 cc engine. The engine will come with six cylinders and will go on every cylinder blazing on the road. BMW guarantees extraordinary pulling power while this monster of a bike is on the road under any condition.


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