2016 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan Features and details

2016 Cadillac ATS V Sedan 1 2016 Cadillac ATS V Sedan Features and details

Very recently Cadillac introduced a new model called 2016 ATS V that raised it to the next generation of driving. This new model is available as a sedan and a coupe as well. It has a number of features including a twin turbocharger, sleek design and a good system of performance. It has great capability for performance and power. The track capacity is also better than in most cars. The effect is that of a dual purpose car, as it gives the performance of a race car along with the luxury of a comfortable travelling experience.

The car gives good power at 445 lb ft of torque. It gives around 0-60 performance at only thirty seconds. It has a manual of six speeds with different features such as Active Rev Match, launch control, no lift shifting among many other options. It gives very good speed and smooth driving experience. The brake system is also developed in a way to give a durable and consistent as well as smooth experience. The magnetic ride control is of third generation and gives a damping response that is at least forty percent faster than any service seen so far. The chassis controls are integrated in the car. It gives a very balanced touring and tracking performance. It helps in the driving of the car and helps to control the traction of performance management. These are key features for any good and controlled driving experience.

The structural stiffness of the body is also raised by at least twenty five percent for loads that are high cornering. There are also modes to select drivers. This is essential as the same driver mode may not suit different purposes such as sports, track and touring. The tires of the car, made especially for this particular design offers good grip and an extended wear option. The aerodynamics package that is available has a down force track. The exterior is highly functional as a good power train and a drive train cooling system. It also has a good aerodynamic performance.

The seats are also of high performance. The twin turbocharger is the first in this line and gives a good driving experience. It has a very low inertia so that the driver or passengers do not have to suffer on braking. The turbines are made of aluminum and titanium. The compressors are also matched so it gives the highest level of performance for a car. The system for charge cooling has a patented ending with a very low volume. The rods for connecting titanium are light weight and extremely hassle free. The lubrication system is of high performance and requires proper maintenance. The foundations for the car are strong and honed for the track completely. There are a number of new elements that are incorporated. These include a shock brace that is completely unique, a bulkhead that is strengthened and made out of rock, rear braces, a sheer panel made out of aluminum, engine compartment braces and so on.

All these elements help to create stiffness for the car. The design of the car is completely functional and the basic elements include a carbon fiber hood that is also completely lightweight and easy. There are rear and front fascias that improve the performance of the car. The cabins are also completely focused on delivering a satisfying performance. There is Bluetooth facility available with a voice recognition feature that is essentially very natural. So with this feature text to voice and voice to text conversions become very easy. The other important options include USB and SD card slots for a complete experience.


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