2016 Chevrolet Camaro Features and specs

2016 Chevrolet Camaro 1 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Features and specs

2016 Chevrolet Camaro 3 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Features and specs

With the sixth generation of Chevrolet Camaro in the market, a performance, refinement and technology of the highest order is to be expected from now on as Chevrolet looks to retain their top spot in the range of sporty cars in the future. The Camaro is a futuristic car with an extra dimension in the driving experience. It is designed to accommodate broader powertrain and six different combinations. The exterior is no less than an artwork or sculpture, yet contributes to the engineering as it reduces aerodynamic lift and hence, better and enhanced handling efficiency.


The sculpted exterior elevates the leaner architecture to a different level and the car offers state-of-the-art lighting signatures with LED technology. As customers become the point of focus for cars more and more, it provides 10 different exterior colours. Also, many parts like wheels, stripes and other accessories are available for customization. With reduced drag and better material, aerodynamics of the car takes a new boost. With increased rigidity and decreased mass, the model is surely a fine example of excellent engineering. The panel frame is made of aluminium and other lightweight materials have helped the car to shed weight all around.


With exterior comes the issue of interior. The new Camaro stands apart from its predecessors while following their path to some extent. The instrument panel has been remodelled completely. While analog instruments provide essential information to the driver, the centre screen gives a view of navigation and performance related data. Another screen acts as an interacting interface. With lesser buttons and sleeker heating and cooling system, it is sure to keep driving and temperature easy inside the car. A new electronic parking brake helps the drivers with more flexibility. With fantastic, multicoloured ambient lighting that can be customized by the driver, the interior is sure to excite every car lover.


Although there are many varieties available, the Camaro LT model has a standard 2.0L turbo engine and 275 HP power rating. With 400 Nm torque, it comes with a wide band of torque where the peak torque remains between 2,100 and 3000 rpm. With the turbo engine being applied, a 0-60 mph acceleration within 6 seconds, it is also the best Camaro in terms of fuel efficiency. The other engines are more or less the same. Engines come with a six-speed manually operated transmission and the engine has the ability to perform better than most of its contemporary cars.

Performance and Technology

Apart from the engine specificities, there are plenty of technological advancements. With magnetic ride control active suspension, it is the first time Chevrolet introduces this technology. Also, there are drive mode selectors too. Each of these engines comes with noise cancellation technology, variable valve timing, direct injection and active fuel management. There are sound systems to nullify the system accordingly. It goes all-LED in the lighting technology. The cross-car grille is kept vintage while the LED light design has been meticulous and modern. There are daytime running lights too like other good cars.

Advanced Features

There are certain advanced features in this car too. The multi-link MacPherson strut front suspension is an example of such feature. Also, the suspension system at both front and rear has been fantastic. While fabulous wheel control is just an added perk, there are multiple features that will blow any car lover’s mind. The magnetic ride control is also the same kind of innovation that has produced significant effects on driving. Camaro has been a dream car in the making and it keeps its focus on the best driving experience.


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