2016 Dodge Viper ACR Details

2016 Dodge Viper ACR 1 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Details

2016 Dodge Viper ACR 2 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Details

The new model that has been released by Dodge is the Viper. It is extremely street legal, focused on the track and completely hand built. It has been specifically designed for public roads. It is the most dynamic, fast, safe and comfortable car on any road lap. The engineers have redesigned it keeping all these purposes in mind. It combines very good aerodynamics with braking and a good tire technology system. This has made the ACR models the best models on the track and has given it a lap bursting reputation so far. This is also the fastest among all the street legal cars available in the market. It is the ultimate track car ideal for dominating all road courses.

The entire team behind the making of this car is practices racing their very own cars. They have good experience with cars meant for sports and regular use. They have developed this model upon these preformed ideas in their heads from the experience they have derived so far. The car also produces the highest aerodynamic force produced by any car in the market. In fact, during the testing period, when cars are tested on the track, the engineers have discovered a down force of about 1 ton at a speed of around 177 mph.

The car boasts of such useful features as an adjustable dual rear wing, a diffuser made up of carbon fiber at the rear end, a SRT hood that is completely unique and has some removable loafers, extensions for the front splitter, dive planes and so on. The rear wing was specially designed by engineers to have air flow around the body of the car. The wings stand very tall and sit rearward and consist of a number of highly unique gurney lip and end plates. IT reduces any kind of straight line drag but produces great down force.

The diffuser extends forward on to the rear axle of the car. It consists of around six strake extensions
that are removable. It is designed to provide more stability on the straight line by rubbing off the tracks. It is also used to optimize the down force properly. The louvers are removable and reduce the pressure of the air. It results in more down force. The car also gives the best brake performance that may be available on the market. It has ceramic matrix brake. This helps in optimum braking and a very good resistance of brake fades. It is essential to make the ride completely comfortable.

The extension at the front and the dive planes work along with the aero grip at the back to provide a very good grip and a very balanced and well rounded performance. The system uses very powerful rotors of around 390 millimeter and s on. It also has the largest area for the brake pad. It makes the driving much easier and effortless. So the driver has a better grip and better driving possibilities. The car gives the most comfortable rides. Apart from the great brake, it also has a very powerful engine and an inspiring power train. It is powered by a 8.4 liter V 10 engine made of all aluminum with an overhead valve and is completely handcrafted. It is very powerful and efficient at the same time.

The interiors have been specially designed for the car. It has a good panel cluster with a hood, a panel for lower instruments and armrest panels on the door. The interior is completely inspired from race car looks and appropriate decorations have been used to achieve the particular look for the interiors.


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