2016 Holden Insignia VXR : Features and specs

2016 Holden Insignia VXR 1 2016 Holden Insignia VXR : Features and specs

The new model of Holden is known as Insignia VXR. It is supposed to be released soon and details about its various aspects have been released. It is supposed to arrive at most dealers soon enough. It is a remodeled and redesigned version of the older version. It includes a number of new technology while still keeping a couple of the old styles and designs. The car boasts of a fascia at the front, headlights that have LED infused system and is made up of bi-xenon. The headlights are meant for use during the day, night and in case of fog. It helps in guiding the car and its driver during these difficult situations. Hence, it is very essential to have proper headlights to a car that function during periods of emergency.

The wheels are made up of alloys and are of twenty inches. The wheels will be very important for easy driving and hence proper attention should be given to them while buying a car. The car boasts of wipers that can sense rain. However, the model is available in a very limited choice of colors. These include white, black, blue and silver. The interiors of the car have been specially designed to provide the best level of comfort and safety. It is supposed to have leather sport seats at the front that may be heated up. The interiors, especially the cabin, are quite spacious and provide a lot of room for the leg and head. It has a sufficient area for storing luggage during long journeys. It also consists of a system for climate control that boasts of being dual zone. This keeps the climate cool and perfect for travelling in comfort. It has an infotainment system that consists of an eight inch display. It will keep the driver as well as the passengers while on the go.

The car has a rearview camera that may come in useful for taking photographs while driving. It consists of an audio system with seven speakers for better sound. The audio system is one of the best systems that may be found in cars in the market so far. It also has a very good GPS navigation system attached to it. So while driving, there is less chance of getting lost. It also helps to make the driving experience effortless and easy by easily finding the destination and saving on a lot of time in the entire process. The car provides a very dynamic performance. The car is powered by a 2.8 liter engine that produces a maximum power of 326 kW. This engine also produces a maximum torque of about 435 Nm. This power is generally transmitted through six speeds. It also has an all wheel system of drive for efficiency and ease of driving.

The car comes with a number of safety options. These include a cruise control that has adaptive features, an alert system for changing lanes and an automatic brake for emergency purposes. These are useful during accidents, mishaps and other emergencies. These added technologies help to make the driving experience much safer for the driver and is thus very useful. It is very essential for long journeys. Thus, the car packs in an experience of comfort and safety with very good quality performance. Hence, this car is a very good investment to make at the price it demands. At this price it is as of yet unrivaled in the market. A test drive could help to decide on whether to buy the car or not. Most dealers allow test drives on the cars before selling them.


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