2016 Toyota Hilux : Features and specs

2016 Toyota Hilux 1 2016 Toyota Hilux : Features and specs

2016 Toyota Hilux 5 2016 Toyota Hilux : Features and specs

2016 Toyota Hilux Interior 2016 Toyota Hilux : Features and specs

The Toyota Hilux model has been much anticipated in the market. A large number of spy shots have been released from many sources to satisfy this sort of anticipation and curiosity. Now, after quite a long wait, the model has finally been released in the market. This Hilux model is the eighteenth in its line from this particular range of the Toyota Company.


The new model has been built with a dimension of 70 mm in length and 20 mm in width more than the previous model from this line. The car also has a roofline that is slightly lower than the previous model. The headlights have LED feature. These may be used during the night, day and also in times of fog. The exterior of the car has been completely redesigned. It has been built to be slightly more refined than the previous model. The front bumper has been made deeper. The fender flares are supposed to be much more prominent in this particular generation of the model. These also have more defined lines of character. The rear bumper has been engineered with new technology. The tailgate is also completely new. It includes a camera with a rearview. It offers standard quality pictures to be taken on it while driving. There are a number of levels of trims available for this model. Depending upon the trim level of the car, it will be using alloy wheels of sixteen, seventeen or eighteen inches respectively. The exterior has been completely rebuilt to give a dynamic performance while portray a very stylish and modern image of this new generation.


The interior of the new model from Toyota has also been redesigned and rebuilt to offer more space and comfort to the user and the driver. The cabin has been given a more car like feel to it. It has been made more spacious. Also the available space has been re innovated to be used in a proper and useful manner. It has the perfect combination of utility and comfort found only in a SUV so far. There is an infotainment system for constant entertainment during long journeys. It has a table like touch screen attached to it. It offers standard quality entertainment. There is a changeover switch of 4WD for ease of usage of the entertainment system. The seats are made up of leather upholstery for added comfort. The speedometer and the tachometer has an LCD screen placed between these them. The car guarantees to prove the best experience of comfort on the road. There are hardly any rivals in the field of comfort for this particular model in the market nowadays. Hence, during long journeys when comfort is an essential requisite, this car is a very popular option.


The car is powered by an engine of 2.4 liter. This is a turbo diesel engine. It produces a maximum power of 160 bhp or 119 kW and a torque of about 400 Nm. It also has a 2.8liter turbo diesel engine. This engine produces a maximum power of about 177 bhp with a torque of 450 Nm. It also has a 2.7 liter engine of naturally aspirated gasoline. It consists of four cylinders. The maximum power produced will be about 164 bhp. There is a 4.0 liter beefier engine with six cylinders. It produces a maximum power of about 278 bhp with a torque of 270 kW. The different engines are available for choice to the customer. With so many choices available for them, clients are bound to get the performance they are looking for from this car. Depending upon the choice of the engine, a gearbox will be provided. This will be a six speeds gearbox. It may have a transmission of manual or automatic system. The car is known as a workhouse. It is because of the dynamic performance they provide with their dependable and reliable engines. The car will never let a user down with its performance.

Other Features

The new model for the Toyota range will also have very good hauling capacity among other important features. The maximum towing capacity for this particular model will be around 3500 kg. The payload will be 1240 kg. Hence, it will have a very important purpose and can be very useful on highways and other emergency situations too. The sales for the new model are supposed to start very soon.

Overall Experience

The overall experience is supposed to be very good. The car is very reliable and sturdy and offers a dynamic performance. The sturdiness of the car however, does not get on the way of its being stylish. Hence, the exterior has been completely redesigned to give it a modern and chic look. The car has newly designed interiors that provide more space and comfort. It also has some of the latest technology for the best results and safety. The safety features of the car are many and it can never be a problem with this particular line of cars in the market. Overall the car can be a true investment with the line of services it provides. The price is yet to be quoted for the general market. Till it has been quoted, the public wait with bated breath for its release. Names have already started pouring in for pre booking this particular model. The sales are slated to begin very soon.


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