2015 Toyota Aygo x-cite : Features

2015 Toyota Aygo x cite 1 2015 Toyota Aygo x cite : Features

Toyota has announced and released the new model ‘Aygo’. The model will be available for sale in Europe around June of the year. This new model comes in a new x cite variant. The exterior has plain black piano accents that give the car a very elegant design and feel. The wheels are of gloss black and fifteen inches. These are made up of alloy.

The car can also be customized according to the wishes of the customers with a black roof and also A-pillars made in black. It completely goes with the look and maintains the overall style of the vehicle. The door handles are made in chrome. It also has a revised door knob for ease of opening. The car is powered by a 1.0 liter engine that runs on petrol and has three cylinders. It produces a maximum power of 69 bhp with a 95 Nm torque. The maximum speed that can be achieved by the vehicle with this kind of an engine is 3.8L/100 km.

The CO2 emission is quite less at 88g/ km. This car is extremely eco friendly and green and has a much less fuel consumption. The use of this particular car over most other cars will be beneficial for the environment and the planet in general. The car can also be customized to include some advanced features for safety and other utilities. The new variant can be customized to include a lane departure alert. This type of technology is ideal for driving on city lanes and roads. It also has a pre collision system. It can automatically cause the car to brake if there is an imminent scope for collision nearby. These safety features help with the safety of the individual driver and are very essential features of a car.


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