2016 BMW 7-Series : Features and Specs

2016 BMW 7 Series 3 2016 BMW 7 Series : Features and Specs

2016 BMW 7-series will redefine driving luxury in a manner unprecedented in the history of automobile manufacturing. From design to operation, from connectivity to ambience- everything has been taken to a whole new level to provide a driving pleasure never before experienced. The CFRP(Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) body provides high dynamics while features like sky lounge panorama glass roof, welcome light carpet and new head-up display enter the premise of the design to take innovation to a different dimension altogether. With a price range of 1.07 crore to 1.95 crore, it is surely an elite car with unmatched luxury.


The exterior evokes a sense of confidence and controlled design with harmony in the design. It creates a wonderful balance of driving pleasure and comfort for long-distance travel to produce an optimized experience. With the largest wheel base in the BMW brand and humongous width, it is surely the largest car in any series of BMW. The air flip control is a new introduction as it allows necessary air for cooling and maintains fine aerodynamics. Also, the headlight units are extended till the classic kidney grille of BMW. The levelling gives a focused look to the car. With an extreme detailing of the headlights and the introduction of laser headlights at the centre of these lights make it the product of a very sophisticated technology. The LED foglamps and its horizontal contours add to the design too. The tail lights are L-shaped and connected through a chrome bar. Also, the double swage lines create a harmony between the sides and the rear.


The interior gets a real boost in terms of technology. With numerous added features and some mind-numbing innovations, it is surely an interior to be awed at. For the first time, the iDrive operating system comes in a touch display. The driving functions can simply be controlled with a touch. Also, the new gesture control makes hand movements detectable by a 3D sensor. From controlling volume or accepting and rejecting incoming calls, it can detect a range of hand gestures and make driving easier than ever before. Also, a new Smartphone holder now allows wireless charging. There is an optional executive lounge, automatic air condition and a 4 zone control system, a rear seat entertainment experience is included too. Also, the lounge takes rear seat comfort to a whole new level and includes a fold-out table, additional cup-holders and touch system for command of 7 inches dimension for various entertainments.

Engine and Specifications

With the all-wheel drive integrated in the system, the four-cylinder petrol engine is the heart of the car and also has an electronic motor. It has a power rating of 326 HP, meaning it is a true beast in terms of luxury sedans. Also, it has a mileage of 2.1 litres for every 100 kilometres and has a power consumption of 12.5 kWh for every 100 kilometres. It has an electrical driving system accompanied by a high-voltage Li-ion battery. It provides additional acceleration when a boost is needed by the car. Also, alone with the electrical battery, it can pick up a speed of 120 km/h and can run up to 40 kilometres. Another variant is the supremely updated V8 engine and six-cylinder systems. The brand new eight-speed Steptronic transmission provides the finest handling possible. Also, the BMW xDrive system contributes the wholesome driving experience. Low CO2 emission rate makes the engine environment friendly too. Also, a standard air suspension with 2-axle system is included with automatic self-levelling and a damper control of dynamic nature.


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