2016 BMW X1 SUV Features and specs

2016 BMW X1 SUV 1 2016 BMW X1 SUV Features and specs

2016 BMW X1 SUV 5 2016 BMW X1 SUV Features and specs

2016 BMW X1 SUV 10 2016 BMW X1 SUV Features and specs

The new model for the BMW X1 has been released in to the market. This particular line of cars has become very popular from the day the very first model was launched in to the market. The second generation of this line has been released. More than 730000 units of this particular model have already been sold. A large number of orders and bookings have also been placed for this model. The car boasts of a very solid engineering that guarantees a dynamic performance and great safety. The car has also been optimized for the maximum efficiency. The fuel consumption has been reduced by almost seventeen percent in this all new model. Thus without sacrificing on the quality of the performance delivered, this car also becomes eco friendly and green. The car is the ideal model for the next generation of driving technology. There are a number of new technological features that this new model boasts of among which are included LED lights, a dynamic damper control, a display for head up and an assistant plus system for the driver.


The basic look of this new model is rugged. It has a very powerful presence with dynamic lines all over the body. The height has been increased from the previous model and is now 53 millimeters in total. The space inside the car has also increased greatly with this new height. The seating positions have been raised by 36 millimeters at the front and 64 millimeters at the back of the car. This provides more comfort for the passengers. The new position also improves the view of the driver. Ultimately the new dimensions improve the safety and the comfort of the car to a great extent. A lot of weight has also been saved. The front and rear axle as well as the clutch have been designed to save up on weight and make the car as light weight as it is possible to make.

Engine Specifications

The car uses a completely new generation of engines. This engine decreases the combined consumption of fuel and carbon to a great degree. There will be two petrol units and three diesel units available for this model from the day of its launch. The output of this engine will vary from 110 kW at 150 hp to around 170 kW at 231 hp. There will also be a six speed gearbox that may be adjusted manually or a Spectronic gearbox of eight speeds. These are completely new developments to technology and offer the driver with more control during driving.

Technological Features

The new model of this car boasts of a number of new updates on the technological front. These include the Driving Assistant Plus for the Active Cruise Control System. This provides much more control and safety over the car than the previous model. Other safety features include the lane departure warning system, the traffic jam assistant system, the collision warning and the pedestrian warning among other technological advantages. There is also a city braking system. All of these technologies help the car and provide a better system in order to avoid unwanted mishaps and accidents.

Exterior Design

A number of new additions have been made to the exterior including LED headlights for daytime as well and night time driving along with some other features.

Interior Design

The interior of the new model has been designed to provide the best in the line of comfort and infotainment. The new architecture with the raised setting provides for more space in the interior of the car. This makes the experience of long journeys over most terrains and easy and comfortable.


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