New 2015 BMW 640i Coupe M Performance Edition

BMW 640i Coupe M Performance Edition 1 New 2015 BMW 640i Coupe M Performance Edition

BMW 640i Coupe M Performance Edition 2 New 2015 BMW 640i Coupe M Performance Edition

The new BMW 640i Coupe M was introduced in Japan recently. This new performance edition is available with a newly designed exterior. The exterior is of Alpine White with a blackened out grille. It also boasts of mirror drops made up of carbon fiber. The wheels are of twenty inches and are made up of very light alloy. The model has LED headlights that provide great safety and is quite adaptive. The cabin is very comfortable and spacious, very necessary for long journeys over rough terrain. It has leather seats made of Dakota. It also has gear knob made up of carbon fiber. It also has a steering wheel of M sport. There are certain other highlights. The car also boasts of gray poplar wood trim ,stainless steel pedals, and ambient lighting. It is an ideal option that combines comfort, safety and style together. It has very soft close doors. It has a 3.0 liter twin power turbo engine with six cylinders. It has an engine residue under the hood. It also produces 320 PS power with a maximum torque of 450 Nm. It has an automatic transmission with eight speeds. It sends huge amount of power to the rear wheels of the car. At the beginning only ten units of the model will be made. These will be priced around 10,979,000. The further production will be decided by the sale of these initial units. This particular model is technologically very strong. It has a number of important features that are necessary for the safety of passengers, ease of driving for the driver, the style and the comfort and many other things. On these levels this car becomes unparalleled in the contemporary market. With the features provided at this price, it would be a great investment.


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