New 2016 Opel Astra Model : Features and details

2016 Opel Astra 3 New 2016 Opel Astra Model : Features and details

2016 Opel Astra 4 New 2016 Opel Astra Model : Features and details

The success story for Opel begins with the release of the Kadett in 1936 and continues to the present day with the launch of its new line, the Astra. Till date twenty four million models have been sold out to the public from this amazing line of cars. The Astra is the very recent generation model of this line. It combines a new generation of technology and light weight design with amazing comfort, style and safety. It is also driven by the most latest developed engine found in the market. The architecture and model of this care is not only light weight but also gives a feel of the generation ahead. It boasts of a number of things, some of which are as follows.


The all new Astra with its light weight body saves were it most counts. Every design and element of this model redefines efficiency and sophistication. A completely new architecture has been designed for this model that helps to reduce the weight of the model to a great extent. Each and every component has been checked and installed with much care to make the weight as less as it is possible. In fact, in a total the weight for this model was reduced by around twenty percent, from 357 to 280 kilograms of the previous model. It boasts of very high strength and ultra high strength steels that are low weight, very compact sub frames and front and rear axles specially designed to save up on the weight.

Engine Specifications

The Astral delivers a dynamic performance powered by a 1.6 liters engine. The power output is about 70 kW at 95 hp to 147 kW at 200 hp. There are diesel and gasoline engines available for this model as well. The engine is generally of three cylinders for the basic model. The engine impresses most drivers with a dynamic responsiveness and very high performance. At the same time it checks on its consumption of fuel. Hence, without compromising on its performance the engine is eco friendly and green. The engine provides a maximum torque of about 250 Nm. The maximum power ranges from 1400 to 1800 rpm. In fact, this engine provides some of the most ideal conditions for driving a car in comfort and safety. The engine makes this car almost ideal for long journeys on most terrains.

Exterior Design

The new Astra model easily catches the eye with its new design. The lighter design gives it a more athletic look and muscular appearance. The grill boasts of a chrome bar. There is also a blade that is raised towards the rear of the car. The look has similarities with the other models of the Opel family. There are front headlamps that easily melt in to the radiator grills of the car. It helps to form a graphic unity for the car. There is also a divided C pillar that gives the look of a floating roof to the car in general. Also this model is quite small from any of its previous models with a length of just 4.37 meters. The dimensions have a very good effect on the aerodynamics and the efficiency of the car in general.

Interior Design

The interior of the new model of Astra has also been renovated to add a couple of new features to it. The wheelbase has been reduced by almost two centimeters. This has helped to increase the space inside the car to a great extent. This helps in a comfortable ride and an overall good experience during very long journeys on rough terrain.


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