New Engine For 2015 Opel Cascada

Opel Cascada 2.0 CDTI 1 New Engine For 2015 Opel Cascada

The Cascada convertible has been introduced with a new 2.0 liter CDTI engine that runs on diesel. This same engine was also introduced in to the Zafira Tourer and the Insignia models. The engine has an improved efficiency that produces and output of 170 PS at a maximum. The torque is around 400 Nm. The new engine has a number of added benefits over its predecessors. It provides three percent more power than the engines produced by the previous models. It also produces fourteen percent more torque. This helps to produce a much more dynamic performance than the models with the previous engines. The car is powered by a manual transmission system of six speeds. The Euro 6 Cascada 2.0 CDTI engine consumes 4.9 liters of petrol per km on an average estimate. It emits around 129 g of carbon dioxide gas per km. This output has improved from the models using the previous engine. The output is less by six percent on an average. Thus the engine not only gives more power and torque but is also more eco friendly. However, it is not green at the cost of its performance. The acceleration for this engine is also very good. It is from o to 100 km per hour within 10.3 seconds. The acceleration is also very smooth so the passengers will never be able to feel the change of speed. This makes the ride more enjoyable and relaxing. The top speed that may be achieved with this engine is around 218 km per hour. This is a very good and improved figure from the previous models of the engine. The diesel version of this engine starts at a price of 30,500 euro. It also includes all Vat according to the government rules at Germany.


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