2016 HONDA HR-V : Features and Details

2016 Honda HR V 1 2016 HONDA HR V : Features and Details

2016 Honda HR V 3 2016 HONDA HR V : Features and Details

2016 Honda HR V Interior 2016 HONDA HR V : Features and Details

In the wake of the 21st century the 2016 Honda HR –V has stood out as the latest and most popular model to join the SUVs family. Surprising it has been ranked as the third best most affordable compact SUV. This is according to various published reviews testimonies and test down in the recent past. The 2016 Honda HR_V stands out uniquely compared to other models. It is much smaller from the outside but unbelievably super flexible and spacious on the inside. Unlike most of the SUVs, the 2016 HONDA HR_V is far much more composed.

Performance & Power

The 2016 Honda HR_V has a four-cylinder engine that can produce quality power when on city roads. The 2016 HONDA HR_V has been highlighted as best for families due to it cost effectiveness and low gas consumption. Judging from recent test drives and the car review indicated that the Honda HR_V is very economical on fuel unlike the other typical subcompact SUV model. From the past reviews, we understand that the New Honda HR_V uses a manual transmission, which is a standard, and compared to the automatic transmission, its engine power can make most of that. When it comes to handling it and having control on the road, the 2016 HONDA HR- V has secure handling when it comes to around turn. This is because it has a magnificent steering pad that is quite responsive. It has tight brakes with excellent stopping power. This HONDA model is featured with firm suspension and it feels cushioned while on rough roads

Interior Features

Interior features that make the New Honda HR- V have its unique value. This can be seen on the cabin, which is made of soft touch material and hard plastics. It has also been termed as spacious and comfortable with its rear seats having quite a spacious head and leg room. The boot or luggage space is quite large and spacious too with about 57.8 cubic feet cargo space. This makes its one of the largest among the subcompact SUVs. The 2016 Honda HR-V has versatile storage features like the unique passenger seat and rear sits. These seats can be folded forward while the rear seats cushion can be folded up or down.

Addition Features

The 2016 Honda HR-V has very unique feature in it that will captivate you. These features included a push button start for easy engine start; it has a camera, Bluetooth phone connectivity best for receiving call when driving. It has a USB port, and 5 inch LCD display mounted controls with options of automatic climate control. It has a 7inch touch screen and a high tech navigation satellite radio. It also has a power moon roof and a blind spot monitoring. Given it low cost and it quality, the 2016 HONDA HR_V becomes one of the most friendly automobile in the SUV family you can ever choose from.


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