2016 Suzuki Baleno : Features and photos

2016 Suzuki Baleno 1 2016 Suzuki Baleno : Features and photos

2016 Suzuki Baleno 3 2016 Suzuki Baleno : Features and photos

The 2016 Suzuki Baleno is a hatchback vehicle with a compact car design. The 2016 Baleno is a compact vehicle that is stylish and refined. It looks like a standard hatchback but from the front side of the vehicle a person would easily mistake it for a regular compact automobile. Engineers of the Baleno have created this vehicle with a liquid flow design that enhances the vehicles curves and promotes is fantastic paint job. The outer design of the Baleno is what helps to make this vehicle stand out from the competition. People are also taking notice of this uniquely constructed auto. It has a low and wide design that gives it a sports car appeal.

The Baleno offers motorists fuel efficiency and exceptional performance. It has a new 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine with a direct injection Boosterjet design. What this simply means is that the Baleno is a fuel efficient vehicle that will get good miles in the city and on the highway. Keep in mind that this vehicle is a hybrid model and this means that owners can switch to an electric motor when they are low on gas. The electric feature also helps to save on fuel cost. On average, Baleno owners could easily fill up their tanks for $30 or less with this vehicle; depending on gas prices.

Not only is the Baleno fuel efficient it is also a useful vehicle for transporting items and goods. The rear seats can be folded down to allow drivers to have more room for transporting goods. When the seats are in the up position the Baleno is able to accommodate up to 5 passengers. Head room might be a problem but other than that this compact vehicle provides occupants plenty of leg room and is not that tight.

The interior of the Baleno can be decked out with many features. Users can connect their smartphone and table devices to utilize some of the advanced technology. They can also purchase advance auto features to make their ride more entertaining and safe. Some of the latest anti-collision technology can be included in this vehicle.

The 2016 Baleno has been marketed toward India, the UK and in some parts of China. This vehicle is perfect in those markets because many people within these nations are conscious about saving money on fuel costs. Also, the Suzuki brand does well within these emerging markets. The Baleno fits the compact mentality that many people in China and India have. There are a lot of people living in these regions of the world and they need to make the most out of the living space that they have available. Keep in mind that the Baleno is a compact car but it provides more than enough room for a family of four people or less. The Suzuki Baleno is currently available in markets within select countries and is expected to be a big seller in 2016.


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