2017 Jaguar F-Pace : Features and details

2017 Jaguar F Pace 1 2017 Jaguar F Pace : Features and details

2017 Jaguar F Pace 2 2017 Jaguar F Pace : Features and details

The 2017 F Pace, Jaguars first entry into sports utility market, is sure to be noticed by others. From the vehicles hearty rear haunches to it’s sleek headlights, the F-Paces snazzy styling consistent with the manufactures commitment to distinctive design. The spacious interior is also unmistakably Jaguar. Besides the ample driver and passenger space, the F-Pace also boasts an impressive 650 liter luggage compartment, and the luxury leather upholstery insures that occupants will enjoy a pleasent trip, wherever the destination. Sure to be interesting to younger consumers, and perhaps older ones, is the the F-Paces internet connectivity. This vehicle is loaded. Among the treats are two standard upfront USB ports.

An additional two USB ports can be added to the rear compartment. In addition, a duel purpose HDMI/MHL port possesses the ability to handle up to eight devices. Jaguar’s state-of-the- art InControl Touch navigation system keeps motorist on track even when a GPS signal isn’t available with its ability to dead reckon the correct path to the desired destination. It appears, looking at the Jaguar F-Paces impressive electronics package, that the car of the future has arrived.

But what about the car; what about the nuts and bolt that powers the vehicle and then deposites it’s occupants safely at their destination? The F-Pace is slated to arrive next winter in six different models. The basic F-Pace will feature either a 180ps diesel engine with both rear wheel and all wheel drive capabilities. The base model will also come with a 340ps 3.0 liter gasoline version. The top of the line F-Pace Liimited edition, of which only 2000 will be produced worldwide, will feature a 380ps supercharged engine, which can be purchased in either a gasoline or diesel versions.

As with all Jaguar products, safety features are abundant. Impressive is the F-Paces pedestrian protection system, which allows the the front of the vehicle crumple in a controlled fashion should it come in contact with a pedestrian, thereby lessening the potential off toinjury. But perhaps the greatest safety feature of all is the vehicles responsive handling, a hallmark of all Jaguarproduct, which will assist driver in staying out of those tricky situations where an accident could occure.

As appealing as the Jaguar F-Pace appears, it won’t be for everyone; it is not going to come cheap.The basic F-Pace is expected to roll into the showrooms with an MSRP of $40990. Anyone wanting to purchase one of the Limited F-Pace First Edition can expect to shell out an additional $10000. If Jaguar can deliver one it’s promises, the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace will be a welcome additional to the crowded SUV market by those with a craving for luxury styling and performance. Look for its debut this winter.


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