2016 Lancia Ypsilon Details and Images

2016 Lancia Ypsilon 1 2016 Lancia Ypsilon Details and Images

2016 Lancia Ypsilon 2 2016 Lancia Ypsilon Details and Images

2016 Lancia Ypsilon Interior 1 2016 Lancia Ypsilon Details and Images

The 2016 Lancia Ypsilon is the latest model to be unveiled by this prestigious Italian car brand. There are various features as well as performance specifications that make the 2016 Lancia Ypsilon stand out from the crowd in general, and its rivals in particular. That is of course something that Lancia were seeking to achieve with its well designed Ypsilon model.

As a brand in general Lancia has a reputation for doing everything in its unique own way, and that is reflected in the uniqueness of the models that it has made over the years, and continues to do so in the present day. In many respects the Ypsilon is the perfect example of what Lancia has always been about, completely unique and not conforming to whatever is expected of it. As a model it has been doing its own thing and selling well since the 1970′s. It sells particularly well in Europe, where 2.7 million Ypsilons have sold since it was launched.

From the beginning of its time on the market the Lancia Ypsilon has been brought by more women than men, and the 2016 model will almost certainly continue that long established trend. Perhaps the color options are intended to impress too, with the 2016 model to be available in silver, gold, and also platinum. It continues the sleek design lines that has contributed to its predecessors always been so visually appealing.

In terms of performance the 2016 Lancia Ypsilon does not disappoint either. Yet what makes it remarkable is that it has virtually no impact on the environment due to excellent fuel economy and extremely low CO2 emission levels. Whether buyers opt for petrol or diesel engines the environment is unaffected by you driving this car. The performance though is excellent, and the car looks remarkably stylish.


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