2016 Hyundai Tucson EU-Version Features and Details

2016 Hyundai Tucson EU Version 4 2016 Hyundai Tucson EU Version Features and Details

2016 Hyundai Tucson EU Version 7 2016 Hyundai Tucson EU Version Features and Details

The third-generation Tucson compact SUV is revolutionizing the Hyundai brand in Europe. A bold and speed design with optimum comfort and the car technology is not easy to find in one automobile. This car is changing the SUV world by uncountable ways in terms of technology and on-road capabilities. The company is now backing on this vehicle to improve Hyundai as a brand in the western world and across the globe as well. Below are the features in details of why this should be your next purchase if you are interested in a SUV or not.

The exterior of this car is simply awesome with design fitting a SUV in all angles. The design is sleek with urban style making this SUV a great choice. One thing that buyers will have to like is the hexagonal grille with perfectly combines with the headlamps. Also, there is the front bumper with has the LED lights that give this car a distinctive style that is unique in the SUV segment. For those who like a sleek car, this what you have been looking since the wheels are created in such a way that the car is eye-appealing whether it is moving or still. Stretching the lighting to the body edges worked just perfectly with this one. In the color department this car is available in 10 different exterior colors that are sophisticated in an interestingly manner.

If you wondering whether the interior is at par with the great exterior, worry less since it even gets better. The cabin space is impressive and even the surfaces are created out of quality materials that you will definitely like. If you thought you have seen the best of the Tuscon EU-Version colors from the exterior look, you are mistaken since the interior has even better color complexion on the various surfaces from the dashboard to the seats. The driving experience is simply great because the interior features are well connected with a goal of comfort and convenience. The head seats are super comfortable just like the leather seats. Another thing that Hyundai got right is a good design of the steering wheel is easy to use. A key-less engine start is also great for a SUV that has been already tested on the European roads. Tucson’s performance is top-notch with automatic transmissions, smart parking assistant and electronic parking brakes. The SUV is available in 1.6 Liter petrol engine and 2 Liter diesel engine and all are four-wheel drives. This Tuscon version is also available in a 2WD system.

The internal display is an 8 inch screen that shows the new navigation systems with latest route features for improved moving around in this car. If you want details of your journey in terms of weather, distance, nearby utilities, traffic and time this system will give all of that. However, this Hyundai SUV faces competition from 2014 Jeep Cherokee and 2015 Ford Escape. Nevertheless, Hyundai did not go wrong with this one since it is worth the average price of $28,000.


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