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Geneva Preview: BMW’S Activehybrid5 Sedan Concept is way too Smart…

BMW ActiveHybrid5 001 Geneva Preview: BMWS Activehybrid5 Sedan Concept is way too Smart...
The ActiveHybrid 5 is (officially now) the newest concept from BMW’s Efficient Dynamics division, and ED has shaken things up a bit in the power train department. Instead of going with a V8-based mild hybrid setup a la the 7-Series and X6 hybrids, BMW decided to try the system out with their award-winning TwinPower Turbo’d 6-cylinder with Start/Stop tech running the show.
The system is fairly straightforward: up front is the engine, followed by the electric motor which is connected via an automatic clutch, and the 8-speed automatic transmission is the caboose. BMW placed the battery pack somewhere around the rear axle in order to improve weight distribution.


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