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Lingenfelter Boosts Cadillac’s CTS-V to 630 Horsepower

Cadillac CTS V 0 Lingenfelter Boosts Cadillacs CTS V to 630 Horsepower
Lingenfelter has released a new supercharger pulley Cadillac’s LSA-powered M5-eater, the CTS-V. The 6.2 liter V8 is now force-fed around 12 or 13 psi of boost, upping the Caddy’s power and torque past the 600 mark to 630 horsepower (+74 over stock) and 630 lb-ft of torque (+79).


Cadillac Conquers the European Luxury Market

Cadillac Europe 0001 Cadillac Conquers the European Luxury Market
Those folks holding the reins over at General Motors are a funny bunch. Every so often then they announce some grand scheme to enter Europe’s extremely competitive premium automotive market with their Cadillac brand.


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