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GTbyCitroen not to be built……..

GTbyCitroen GTbyCitroen not to be built........
On again, off again. How else could we describe the production prospects of the GTbyCitroën? The supercar concept was devised jointly by the French automaker and by the electronic wizards behind the Gran Turismo video game franchise, but rather than leaving it up to cyberspace alone, Citroën built a real-life showcar version.


Citroen’s Newest Concept GT Car Photos pictures reviews

GQ by Citroen 001 Citroens Newest Concept GT Car Photos pictures reviews
Citroën concepts been some of the most show-worthy designer cars in a while? GTbyCitroën, definitely stunning. The Survolt, really fun to look at and reminisce about Ridge Racer or Cruis’n World. I even like the Revolte in a weird, this-isn’t-right kind of way. And the next looker is just around the bend.


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